Dave The Sheep

There is actually an amusing story behind this image.
My dad was out on the side of the house mowing the nature strip when this little fella came running up to him making a whole world of noise. My dad then put him in the yard and went around to find out who he might belong to. Dad found someone who knew of the sheep and told him that the sheep has been tied up in the back of an abandoned house. So dad did what was right and contacted one of his friend who own a farm then took him out there.

According to the farmer, he was only about 6 weeks old. He put the sheep in the paddock with the female sheep and one of them adopted him as her own.

The farmer called the sheep Dave. He was named after my dad.

Image Specs
Camera: Nikon D3200
Lens: Tamron 70-300mm
Focal Length: 170mm
Shutter Speed: 1/500
Aperture: f/4.5
ISO: 100
White Balanced: Auto White Balance
Location: Ararat, Victoria
Date: 16/08/2015

Naomi Burgess © 2015



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